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Play the world's most popular RPG online
w/ Game Master   

Matty Z


"Matt's significant history and talent as an improv performer allows him to fully flesh out the various characters that populate the world around the adventurer, to great results in both narrative and humor" -Adam G.

"Zambrano makes D&D accessible for everyone—experienced and novice adventurers alike. His style as GM is welcoming, entertaining, supportive, imaginative, and fun."-Lindsay T. 

"Outside of D&D, he has years of experience working with kids and cooperatively building immersive stories with richly developed characters-- a uniquely specialized skill that translates seamlessly to the gaming table. "-Brendan O.

“If I were stuck three levels down in a dank dungeon with kobolds snapping at my heels, a cursed ring whispering sweet nothings, and a band of foolhardy companions whimpering for dinner and a mug of ale, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have to improv me out of such a mess.” - Jason S. 

"Matt crafts an epically generous, joyous, and meaningful experience as a GM. His games are full of delightful surprises and carefully constructed themes. Playing leaves me feeling inspired, connected, and more hopeful."- Tasha M. 

"Matt is my standard for the perfect Game Master. His improv background keeps the game spontaneous, playful, and responsive to my choices as a player, but his gift for constructing powerful story arcs and unforgettable moments makes it pure adventure.”- Ben B. 

"Matt does an incredible job of drawing the adventurers (players) together and tailoring the story to the group. His meticulous world-building and storytelling far exceed anything I could've anticipated; it really makes for an unparalleled experience." - Esti B. 


Heroes & Dice offers online RPG experiences for all ages! From ongoing campaigns, to one-off adventures, to character creation and GM workshops


Games For Kids

Exciting fantasy campaigns for young adventurers! Fun, interactive, and built around ensemble, collaboration, storytelling and imagination. Create your own party or make new friends from all across the country. 

Age Groups:  9-12 and 13-16 


Games For Adults

Gather your family, friends, college pals, co-workers, enemies or frenemies for a night of slaying dragons, or an ongoing campaign. Sessions are flexible and can be tailored to your needs as an adventuring party. Perfect for team building, connection, and good old fashioned fun. 

Age Groups: All Ages


Character Creation 101

Learn how to create a character and roll stats in this guided workshop "Character Creation 101". Using the 5e Player's Handbook and DM Guide, participants create their personalized hero from head to toe. 

Age Groups: All Ages

busy office

Corporate Team Building

The perfect "ice-breaker" for your next corporate training. Participants get a quick history of D&D and create their own "Hero", while learning more about their friends and colleagues. This :90 minute workshop is geared towards fostering a fun and inclusive environment, and each participant walks away with their own personalized character sheet. 

Age Groups: Adults

Image by Lucas Santos

One on One GM Workshop

Already a Game Master, but looking for ways to spruce up your campaigns? These one one one workshops will help you find new ways to keep your playing style fresh and exciting. 

Age Groups: All Ages



Heroes & Dice aims to provide a fun, safe RPG environment for kids, teens and adventurers of all ages. Using the Fifth Edition (5e) of the world’s most popular role-playing game, participants work collaboratively and creatively to accomplish goals, solve puzzles, and slay dragons. 


Adventuring parties number from 3-5, which keeps engagement and participation at a maximum. Participants create a character of their choice, and are responsible for keeping track of their equipment and statistics. Using various RPG websites, participants can roll multiple types of dice, control character avatars, and experience custom built maps.


On top of being fun, Heroes & Dice encourages:

  • Collaboration

  • Community and Team Building skills 

  • Critical Thinking

  • Advanced Problem Solving 

  • Social Skills and Positive Communication 

  • Creative Connection 

  • Leadership Skills

  • Group Storytelling

  • Listening



Screen Shot 2020-10-27 at 2.32.15 PM.png


Sessions are run by experienced Game Masters (GM’s), who help to guide and encourage the participants within the framework of a typical Adventure Campaign. The Game Master is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the Campaign’s story, while also keeping track of some of the participant’s inventory. However, part of the mission of Heroes & Dice is to empower the participants to take charge of their characters and stats and be responsible for keeping track of Hit Points, Magical Items, Skills and Inventory.  


The “Open World” aspect of the game means that the Game Master must be flexible and adaptable to the needs and ideas of the campaign and it’s players. To that end, the core tenets of Improv are the GM’s guiding principles:


Yes, And!

Make Your Partner Look Good

Always Play At The Top of Your Intelligence

About The Founder

Matt Zambrano (GM MATTY Z) is an Actor, Writer, Improviser, Spoken Word Artist and Teaching Artist living in New York City. He has been a professional Teaching Artist for 18 years, and has worked for organizations such as Disney on Broadway, 826NYC (The Superhero Supply Store), Queens Theater in the Park, Williamstown Theater Festival, The New School, Artists Striving to End Poverty (A.S.T.E.P.), Broadway Classroom, Broken Box Mime Theater, The Boys and Girls Club, America S.C.O.R.E.S, The Denver Center Theater Academy and many more. 

He is also an actor, director and writer for The Story Pirates, and has appeared on several episodes of it’s award winning podcast. As a writer, he as written shows for Penguin Young Readers, Nat Geo Kids, Workman Publishing and Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theater Programs that have toured all across the country. 

In 2013, while working at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, he played his first game of D&D, and hasn’t looked back. Since then, he has served as Game Master for over 100 games and several different campaigns, utilizing his skills as an improviser, storyteller and teaching artist to facilitate fun and fruitful experiences.


Rolling with the Homies


All Heroes & Dice games are currently being run remotely. Participants log in to a secure Zoom room, and then depending on the needs of the group, will either use Theater of the Mind and the ROLLZ website to roll a multitude of dice, or the ROLL20 website which combines virtual maps and digital dice rolling. All participants must have access to a computer/I-pad, a steady internet connection, a willingness to play and learn with others, and imagination. 

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Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 1.48.03 PM.png



Duration of campaigns (excluding one-off adventures) begin at 3 months. Sessions are run weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the needs of the party.

Customized campaigns also available. 

Please contact for prices on the below offerings*:

Makes a great gift for Birthdays, Holidays or other special events!!!

3 Hour Session once per week 
:90 Minute session twice per week**
One-off Adventure w/ character creation 
One-off Adventure w/out character creation 
Character Creation 101 
One on One GM Workshop 
Corporate Training Workshop 

*Limited scholarships available for students demonstrating financial need

**Option currently only available to students and young adventurers 



For inquiries, or to begin your adventure please email: 


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